The foods model is a place to find common food items and even some recipes in order to both find healthy eating and figure out how healthy your favorite food is. The food model will have a picture of the food, the name of the food, the number of calories, the ingredients and nutrition information. It links to workouts by showing common exercises that burn the same amount of calories as the food that you're eating. It also links to grocery stores nearby where you can get the meal that you want.


The workouts model is a place to find the workouts that you can do to keep fit. It has a picture of the exercise, a small description and instructions, and, in future phases, a calorie calculator where you can determine how much calories you burn doing the given task for a given amount of time. Although probably outside the scope of the assignment, at one point it would be nice to have profiles where you can keep track of factors such as your height and weight to easily be able to calculate the correct amount of calories burned.


The gyms model shows nearby gyms and shows some basic information about them. They will show a picture of the gym, a location through google maps, some reviews, a list of equipment to link it to workouts, and pricing information. It links to grocery stores by showing nearby stores that you can easily visit on your way back, and shows what broad types of exercises you can do at this gym. For example, rock climbing can't be done at your average gold's gym, and trail running can't be done at a pool.


The stores model shows nearby grocery stores so that you can find healthier food. They will show a picture of the store, a location through google maps, a small description of the store, and some reviews of the store. It shows nearby gyms to allow people to easily plan a route and keep their habits. It also shows foods that can be bought here.

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