The motivation behind is a frustration with trying to intuitively understand how to be healthy. Although there a lot of sites out there that list nutrition facts, or list healthy recipes, or list workouts, it's hard to figure out what the right amount of anything is unless you have years of experience. Someone new to fitness could look up how many calories that pint of Bluebell ice cream is, but until they get experience they have no idea that to burn it off they have to run for 40 minutes (yes, really). Health, until you get experience, is mainly a long-term guesswork where you have to just blindly trust someone online saying that this is what you should do, and then wait a month or more to see if they were wrong before you can try something new. aims to make it easier to put food in terms of exercise, and then encourages a healthy lifestyle by linking the user to gyms and grocery stores near the user. This site was imagined under the idea that the more connections and intuition someone has between food and exercise the healthier they can be.

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