Critique of for phase 2

What did they do well?

They added a lot more details while still keeping up a consistent theme and general good looks. They were able to generally keep their site intuitive to user who has never used their site before and it was easy to follow where the user should go next by drawing attention to the most important parts of the website. The usability of the site makes it so that it would be very useful even in its current state. Overall, they have continued to keep their site looking clean and feeling smooth.

What did we learn from their api / website?

An important part of website design is making the site look inviting and accessible. The first impression of the user will make them determine if they want to first off stick around and explore the site more and second off offers a sense of credibility to the data they've found there. You're more likely to trust a polished site than a site with green text on a yellow background.

What can they do better?

Some of the layouts could use some tweaking to make things a little more intuitive. Links to other models would make sense more at the top of the page. Sometimes elements would be vastly different sizes that lead to a lack of symmetry. They still need to get some of their database set up so some of these issues might be fixed by the time for turn in.

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