Critique of for phase 3

What did they do well?

Their website continues to be clean and visually appealing, both on desktop and on mobile. The sort and filter options are obvious but positioned so as to be nonintrusive on grid pages, and the choices provided for sorting and filtering are intuitive and useful for each model. The results of a global search are also formatted in an organized and attractive manner that any new user to the website would be able to navigate. Instances of models are well connected, and there appeared to be almost none if any instances that were missing attributes or connections. They've managed to improve functionality without ever sacrificing beauty.

What did we learn from their api / website?

The UI for sorting and filtering was intuitive and flexible, and there was pagination for each category of model instances on the search page. It brought into perspective the ways in which we can improve navigation on our website in order to prevent any confusion to the user.

What can they do better?

There was a noticeable lack of feedback from sorting, filtering, and searching, particularly searching which had no on-screen indication of what was just searched for or how many results were found. A lack of unique URLs for these features would also make sharing results with friends difficult. The API seemed slightly inconsistent in how quickly it would process a request. There were also some duplicate instances of models.

What puzzles us about their api / website?

Too many sort or filter requests in quick succession would result in the API lagging behind, trying to catch up. This was most noticeable while clicking on the arrow to switch between sorting in ascending and descending order. It was quite bizarre and noticeable, but given the same issue, we'd most likely be unsure as to how to remedy it.

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