Critique of

What did they do well?

They have an interesting idea of connecting songs, artists, and albums to the cities that will hold those concerts in the near future. Their website looked very polish and good-looking. We like how they have the description of each model in their home page. Overall, we think they did a great job for their website consider that it is only phase 1 of the project.

What did we learn from their api / website?

They used a bootstrap theme for their website and it looked so much better than ours. We probably should have used a theme from the start instead of building everything from scratch.

What can they do better?

We think that it is a little bit redundant for them to have pictures and links to other models on top of their home page and the description of those models right after. It would be better if they put the link in those descriptions instead of at the top of the page.

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